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The following material purports that Psychology falls under the auspices of the Progressive Paradigm as opposed to the Conservative or Metaphysical. This theory represents the interpretation of reality as conception through the contexts of the Ego body interpretation, and Identities as mind interpretation, which is possessed by everyone, and also the Ipseities as other-dimensional interpretation.

Mind Science:

Psychology is the methods of the mind and memory, as reasons and rational for thought, action and behavior, and can include anything from Politics, Ethics and Morality to Religion, Spirituality or art and science. Psychology is all the various forms of rationales as reasons for specific types of reasoning.

Politics is a psychology of getting one's own way and the reasoning as to why one should.


The Ego is a conceptual controller, as a function of the memory, wherein the memory of one's self, as the history of what the Thinking-I can and cannot do in the physical world, is the reference library for all thinking and decision-making.

The ability to create change in the Physical Plane is the formation of a controlling-self called the Ego, formed in the memory that must decide what changes to make, and is responsible for those decisions through the sensory system, which is subject to pain, damage and destruction, as well as varied pleasures. If the Ego encounters a furry creature. It compares it to reference in the memory as automatic or volitional, decides if it is a skunk, and retreats as fast as is prudent if it is.

The Ego as decision-maker is said to be formed and created in very early development, wherein the memory would notice correlations between involuntary movements and changes to the exterior environment, such as an involuntary kick moves a pillow.

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