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There are four major designated classes as an ancient accounting said to be specified in the standard 52-card playing deck which is : Spades as swords, nobility, military or upper classes; Diamonds as merchants or upper-middle classes; Hearts as clergy or the priest caste as middle class; and clubs is peasantry or the lower classes as the vast majority.


Wherein the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is said to be the evaluative system of the mind, what is called Optimum Correspondence is said to be the evaluative mechanism of the body, which uses a single Comparative Base as the optimum condition of any given entity. The optimum temperature for the human body is said to be seventy-two degrees. Evaluation would be in this case hotter or colder than optimum. Conditions as optimum are inherent in the construct of any given entity, such optimum amount or rainfall for various types of vegetation or optimum food supply. Optimum is the status-quo and thus is Conservative and would befit the systems of Socialism and Democracy as preservative as what systems and conditions work best. Both systems generally unconscious to the human awareness are operative continually all the time.

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