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The Untouchable Class serves any number of purposes. Primarily it is the bottom and lowest degrees of Consequence and worth, from which all the higher classes can assess and substantiate themselves, as so many degrees more and better than by Numerical Qualification. The civil servant may be rated higher than trades person. The Untouchable Class also serves other purposes.

The Untouchables are assigned the most demeaning work no one else wants to do. They are serfs, slaves, indentured servants, uneducated, ignorant, and low class. The untouchable classes represent the bottom of the progressive scale, as what one should at all costs will avoid if possible. They represent what one should not be like as examples to threaten non-progressives. They also represent the scapegoat and someone to blame for the contradictions inherent in Progressive Materialism.

It may be said that Pseudo-Conservative adds from zero or no worth and redemption as the untouchable class and Liberals add from the lower station as being more compassionate and redeemable, where lower-middle is three to four, middle is five and six and upper-middle is seven and eight.

Inequality is inherent in the Progressive Paradigm and Progressive Materialism, as the progressed advance away from the low and ordinary to the elite. The untouchable classes are always based upon inferiority, as racial, religious, sexual, educational, or developmental. This inferiority is the absence of qualities contained of the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority, and serves as a convenience, in which to practice exploitation. The lower or working classes may be the untouchable class, when slaves, forced labor and exploitation are outlawed. The untouchable stigma persists but is termed prejudice.

The lower classes are Additory Base, in which the lower-middle and middle classes, who are inferior to the upper classes, can feel superior. The Additory Base is also a measure, from which to assess the progression of the individual and culture as a whole, as a culture may measure its progressed status against stone age people. The Untouchable Class suffers the most emotional trauma based on a sense of worthlessness.