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Both the Metaphysical Ideal and the Extra Mundane Authority produce a mass cultural psychology called Monoculture, which means the MetaProperties One as elite at the top, and All as everybody or degrees less descending to the bottom. The One is fascist and the All is Democratic. The One is Progressive and the All is Conservative. The One is Capitalism and the All is Socialism. The One is the few and the All is the many. The One is for self and the All is altruistic. Class and racism are endemic to Progressive Monoculture culture.


Between the Untouchable and Elite Classes are the Lower, Middle and Upper Stations. The Lower Station is generally termed working or lower middle class, and is usually the largest segment of any society.

The Lower Station adds from just above the untouchable class and subtracts anywhere from the middle to the Elite depending on the individual's Transitive reference, as personal knowledge of the existing class structure. It is primarily composed of people who work with their hands and who do the manual labor in any society, as semi-skilled and skilled labor, and thus in general is less educated than those of classes above them.

Because the Lower Station is the largest segment of any society, comprised anywhere from sixty to ninety percent of the culture, it is the greatest threat to the ruling classes. Because the Lower Station is so large and thus volatile in terms of social unrest, it needs a class below as an Additory Base. The Untouchable Class acts as a release and scapegoat for the frustrations of the inequities of the class system in general and the Lower Station in particular, as somebody to add from and be better than. I may-be low but I'm not that low.