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The Middle Station or middle class is primarily the merchant class, small business owners and administrators, more educated than the lower middle but less than the upper middle, but also the school educators.


Alternate polarities are individuals, groups and organizations who adopt independent Metaphysical Ideals or Extra Mundane Authorities, with the accordant Antithetical Matrix at variance with what are established and accepted. Examples of those who may generally embrace Alternative Polarities are Bohemians, sometimes expatiates, artists, cults, counter-culture and revolutionary types, and in general any persons of any class who adopts their own positive and negative attributes for the Antithetical Matrix and Metaphysical Ideal. However Alternate Polarities generally retain all the qualities of the Progressive system. Only the oppositional attributes vary, while the essential system remains the same.


Ethics is prohibition. We just don't do that sort of thing. Morality as the behavioral propensities of Progressive Materialism, precludes most prohibitions, but rather the treatment of any given entity is established by the numerical evaluative means of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Thus for instance war is not prohibited, but rather can be used against those said to be low on the scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Zero would be the Pseudo-Conservative vanishing point for the lowest of the low and really a license for murder. The number one would be the Liberal starting point as more compassionate, and preference to adjudge a sentence of life in prison as opposed to capital punishment. Most cultures exhibit a four tier class system as said the lower, middle, upper-middle and top. However the Pseudo-Conservative Zero or untouchable class would make for five tiered system.

Pseudo-Conservatives are Capitalists and Liberals would be Socialists if they were not elitist, but at the same time middle-class, thinking all are equal and there is no class system.