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Government is necessary to the human condition where cooperation and coordination is necessary to produce conditions and objectives beyond the means of small groups and individuals such as defence, police, fire, transportational facilities, energy or water.


Government is an internal body of individuals within a larger aggregation, that represent, administer, organize and direct purposes and objectives for the citizens of a greater social body, that inhabit some circumscribed territorial boundary.


Politics is essentially the argument as to what and who the government should represent. Political parties are created by both altruistic and self-interested groups to promote their agendas through government. Thus various kinds of governments are identified and defined based on the means in which governments are constituted and used to promote specific agendas. All Politics is Psychology.


Government by definition is Socialist. This means that the purpose and objective of government is for a smaller number of people to act for the larger community as a whole. Government assets and purposes are owned and are to serve the community in common, as a non-profit organization. Government acts as a unifying authority for all the diverse individuals and interests in the society as a whole.

Government exists through the auspices of various types of collected taxation and fees applied to individuals and business, and redistributed through various agencies it creates and maintains for the purpose of promoting the welfare of the community as a whole. Governments are contained within larger governmental entities like town, city, province or county, state, national or federal agencies.

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