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The concept of Antagonistic Opposition is similar to the concept of Antithetical Opposition, only used in a political sense. It means the use of the dynamic of opposites that are antagonistic to each other, such as good and evil, freedom and communism, religion and godlessness, wherein specific individuals, groups and entities are identified with the negative attributes of the bipolar spectrum. This in essence produces what is almost always an unconscious justification, in which these negatively identified and defined entities or individuals, may be exploited for purposes of promoting what is deemed the good. This means that if the individual is to engage in what is termed Progressive Materialism, as the accumulation of assets, property and advantages greater than what others have, one must assume an attitude of at least indifference or possibly hostility, towards any ideals of human material, economic, social and political equality, or for that matter any equity between the individual and any or all aspects of the rest of existence.

This attitude is logically accomplished through the concept of polarized opposites, as particularly the polarities of consequence and non-consequence, or what is said to be superior and inferior. In terms of human affairs superiority is said to deserve special considerations, and what is considered as inferior and of little value and consequence, can be used as material, exploited, destroyed, changed, improved or converted, usually for purposes that are purported to promote what is good or superior. The Antithetical Opposition of Progressive Materialism, as the conception of negative aspects and attributes, allows for the facility of the inequality of inferiority and superiority to be applied to any given entity or organism and thus allows exploitation for one's own benefit. The term progress by its very definition means that a new and changed state or condition is superior to the state it replaces.