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Intelligence is distinguished from Consciousness. In brief, intelligence can be said to be the degree of knowledge as information one may possess. Consciousness could be said to be the individual's state of awareness based upon what is considered to be important and significant.

Intelligence can be described as any number of things, such as the ability of the memory to Associate and recall such things as past experience, events, information or facts; the degree to which one has been exposed to different kinds of information such as math, geography, history, work skills, foreign countries or books and films. It is also the ability to solve problems and employ devices to do so. It is the ability of vocabulary and to communicate, create arguments and it is social skills. It is the ability to compare and relate patterns of similarities and distinctions as well as many other things.

Consciousness is defined as the degree of individual awareness, as pertains to everything that goes on and happens, in any given present moment and circumstance. Or it can be defined as what one can assume to be happening which is outside of the individual's present sphere of awareness, such as one can assume that it is cold in the Antarctic, although one is not there personally. It also can be considered as a depth of knowledge concerning the dynamics of the implications and ramifications of circumstance and events both within the sphere or present experience and that which is removed.

Consciousness as a degree of awareness is determined by what the individual considers to be significant and important. What the person considers as important determines what the individual pays attention to and is aware of.