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From a starting point of negation, as born to existence without worth, human salvation as the obtainment of a sense, persuasion or substantiation of merit and consequence, must be acquired in some manner if one is to have it. In this perceived condition, the individual is isolated within the human community and thus is dependent upon the community of humanity for every essential and superfluity of life. The individual is expected to conform thought, word and deed to the perspectives, expectations ideals and goals to which the culture and community respects and aspires, relative to various cultural, political, social and religious differences. In affect the individual is completely alone and nearly a non-entity and totally dependent upon the acceptance of the human community and its social institutions of family, friends, lovers, business, social organizations or government. The individual is nothing without them.

The Mundane Consciousness is a perspective in which everything existing in the physical world has no inherent value and consequence. The individual is lost in space without any identity, and is dependent upon name, address, occupation, social and economic status, or any of the requirements of the particular social structure the individual is affiliated with. This unknown content of the natural universe is the absence of any known and certain evaluative context which would explain what anything is and thus how it may be treated and used. This can include humankind itself. On the intellectual side, this produces a condition of free will as the absence of prohibitions, in which if entities have no known and certain specific purposes or reasons for being, they may be used in any way deemed desirable. Anything can be used for various ends and agendas. This allows for the complete volitional freedom of the human species without inherent inviolability which would prohibit human exploitation.

The consideration of consequential negation produces an evaluative dichotomy and polarity between that which is defined as significant and that which is not. Any form of value and consequence or sanctity, including religious sacredness of the individual, must be acquired. The individual is required to conform to specific mandates and qualifications, the obtainment of which bestows upon the individual the validity of consequence.