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The concept of the Consequence of Being, represents the ability of human evaluation, to determine the right of existence of any state or entity, by virtue of the capacity of humankind, to create technological means for transformation and destruction, which extends from a tree cut down, to the virtual annihilation of the planet itself, by nuclear war.

Every individual is born into an already existent world, wherein there exists the requirement for all living things, to consume from the environment, what is necessary to replace energy expended in the activity of living. The question of the right of existence, only becomes a valid consideration, by the ability to consume more than what one needs, from the already existing natural environment. Since the transformation or destruction of already existing states takes time and energy, the motive and incentive is necessity, such as food and shelter, or it is more than is necessary as Excess and Profit.

The Consequence of Being is the comparison, of the right of existence, of an already existent entity or state, as compared to what that entity or condition can be changed to. Actual transformation or destruction, by the individual, either as an active or passive participant, is the true determinant of the Ethical or Moral standards of the person. The problem of the Consequence of Being, is of what Consequence, does a pre-existent state as natural or human created possess?

The Consequence of Being of any given pre-existent state equates to either: Necessity and Subsistence, as the requirement of any living entity to survival, in which the impact on the environment is limited; or in the case of human abilities, Excess and Profit, in which the value of pre-existent states and entities is equivalent to the production of invention as the creation of volition and freedom.

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