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The phenomenon of Cosmcosmos would be considered to comprise a complete Cosmos or system as an aggregate, wherein in its Parts are deemed the completion of its Whole, and its Whole is said to be the completion of its Parts. Concerning the questions as to what, where, when, why or who we are in the context of the universe we live, and particularly the planet, an approach would be through the concepts of the Part and Whole. A Part would be an entity that produces products external to itself, wherein by the product produced, the Part is explained. By the product of the motion created by the wheel, transportation is produced. By the product of the berry the bear and the bird is fed.

A Whole would be a collection of Parts that would be said to produce products either external or internal to itself called an External or Internal Whole. When the product of a Whole is evident as external to itself it is called a Part. When the product of the Whole is determined to be internal to itself it is called a Whole, Internal Whole or Internal Composite. If the lake is a Whole, everything internal to it, like seaweed and fish is the product of itself or the Whole lake.

The Planet Earth is definitely a Part of a larger universe. On the other hand it does not satisfy the definition of a Part, as producing any known products as external to itself. This insufficiency is called the Absent Determinant, in this case the absence of results or products as external to itself, that explains the planet's existence. Following the definition of the planet as a Part, results and products produced external to itself, which would define its purpose by what it produces, can only be anything unnatural to its characteristic construct, which it seems can only be human created anomaly. The conceptual authority for the reasoning of the Part as definition determinants, is called Finite Determination, which means results and products as changed states, which explains the activity and behavior of change itself. Changed states mean something other than what it already is, and which would not intentionally be worse, but rather better called Progressive. Progress is the human creation of what is deemed greater consequence to replace the lesser consequence of nature, or former human created conditions deemed obsolete. The product of the Part external to itself, which with the advent of technological innovation is the concept of Excess and Profit. Human activity and behavior should produce what is of greater consequence than what previously existed, whether in the material or extra mundane worlds.

In the case of Finite Determination the individual is required to create their own products that explain their existence, as meaning and consequence. On the one hand this is the free exercise of will, in which successful individuals will enjoy extreme elation, but on the other hand the penalty is high for failure, as individual worthlessness. If the planet Earth is considered a Part, there is no known product produced external to itself, as of the same physical dimension, except that which can be produced internally by human endeavor, as physical or mental creation.

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