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Integration is the agreement of the Ego and Identity, usually as a singular parallel entity. Integration may be accomplished in the Mundane Consciousness by the combined singularity of the Ego and Identity, as one likes or loves the Identity of movie star, which is bolstered by the belief and emotional conviction of the Ego, as I am great. Integration may be accomplished in the Symbolic Consciousness from the realization of commonalities, that may be discovered in all the multiple Identities. This integration may be accomplished in the Ego, that represents commonality in and of itself, as the common conditions of human existence and nature, like the commonalities of most sensory systems.

Destruction or transformation of the Ego is a facet of the creation of a new personality, as found in the tenants of Buddhism, often cults, and to some extent as may be attempted in the military. Actually this may be a mistaken conception in that what is destroyed and replaced is the Identity and not the Ego. The individual must now become a soldier and accept the conditions of military life. The destruction or transformation of the Ego may involve the invalidation all belief and a diminution of the affections and Emotions, such that the individual loses the energy of emotional drive and intellectual conviction, which while free of the many illusions of Ego and Identity, may make life somewhat boring, uninspiring and devoid of vitality.

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