Cognizance Theory

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If the planet Earth is considered a Whole, does it explain itself? The planet Earth in combination with the solar system is self-sustaining, and is seemingly independent and isolated in the universe, no physical results or products external to itself are evident. If the planet earth is considered as a Whole or in particular an Internal Whole and Internal Composite, the product that it produces would be considered as internal to itself, as what it naturally already is, or the entire living ecology. This product determinant is termed Existent Determination, wherein the products produced are what they manifest themselves to be and already are internal to itself. The planet defined as a Whole and by the concept of Existent Determination is said to be what is called Conservative, meaning that the integrity and consequence of any given pre-existent state is considered greater than alternatives that can be created to it. This describes the existing condition of nature, in which nearly all change duplicates former conditions. The rational would be that nature is already perfect and thus perfection is preserved to the utmost degree. The economic system of nature is called Necessity and Subsistence.

In this case the meaning and consequence of the individual is equivalent to the meaning and consequence of the Internal Composite, with no product produced except what the individual is born as. The individual is free to evaluate themselves as whatever they can imagine the planet to be worth, but on the other hand there is no euphoria in individual self-creation.

If the planet is considered an Internal Composite, there is no product produced that explains its existence other than what it naturally seems to be and already is, and continually produces and reproduces as itself. Thus if the planet is considered an Internal Composite and the product it produces is something more than the milieu of material planetary living existence as experienced, something more might be considered as a further internality.

The physical universe is called the Condition of Being, which represents uncognizant physical materiality without Consciousess. If the planet Earth is indeed an Internal Composite, then any explanation as to what, where, when, why or who we are in the context of the universe we live, might be found as internal to it.

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