Cognizance Theory

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Thus for the forgoing considerations to even be possible, a reality of another order is necessary called Cognizance, which is said to be the province of the sphere of the Cognizance of Being. The Cosmcosmos, by what would be deemed a necessity of construct, would be said to be composed of two differing dimensions, called the first polarity termed the Prototypic Duality. The state of existence as the object of Cognizance is called the Condition of Being. The state of the capability of Cognizance of what exists is called the Cognizance of Being, which is said to be internal to the Condition.

The Condition and Cognizance of Being are called Interpenetrate Planes, which means each Dimensionality within the other, and which resides in the same place simultaneously. The Interpenetrate Planes are called the Dimensional Trinity, consisting in what is called the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions.

Interpenetrate with the Condition of Being and Dimensional Trinity is theorized to be the Cognizance of Being, which is theorized to consist in what is called the Apotheosis, composed of five elements considered necessary for Cognizance. These elements are two bodies called the Psychesoma and Somatic Being, which represent spirit and physical bodies. Connecting the two bodies is what is called the Metaphysical Triad, which consists in the Aware, Thinking and Metaphysical I. These represent Cognizance and Consequence, Interpretation and Evaluation and Determination and destiny.

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