Cognizance Theory

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Natural Affection/Ego

The planes of the Dimensional Trinity are said to be nine in number, three each in the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions, in which levels three and four and levels six and seven overlap. The schematic as shown is vertical from bottom to top, with the Positive Dimension on Bottom, Negative in middle and Metaphysical on top.

In terms of Cognizance the Positive Dimension represents Cognizance and Consequence which requires a body, as an apparatus of determinative distinction.

1. The first level on the bottom of the schematic is the Positive Dimension representing the physical world as the environment, which is the level of the physical body, as an apparatus which registers distinction. This level as the body is called Embodiment, which can be anything from insects to humans. Embodiment represents a singularity of the context of Cognizance, as in one place at one time.

2. The second and middle level of the Positive Dimension is the level of Cognizance and Consequence. Cognizance of what is in the external environment experienced by Somatic Being and Consequence that necessitates decision making.

3. The third and top level of the Positive Dimension and the fourth and bottom level of the Negative Dimension are considered as overlapping, as sensation and memory. The third level is defined as sensation, impression or feeling called Natural Affection, which is unadulterated pure experience of both the external world and the internality of the body. The fourth level is specifically the Ego, which is the collection of memory experiences, pertaining specifically to the individual experience of the body as Natural Affection.

4. The fourth and middle level of the Negative Dimension is Cognition, which represents interpretation of the thinker, through the context of Natural Affection, the Ego and Positive Dimension through the body; and through the context of Emotion, the Metaphysical Dimension, and through multiple personifications called Identities.

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