Cognizance Theory

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5. The fifth and top level of the Negative Dimension, and the sixth and bottom level of the Metaphysical Dimension are considered as overlapping. The fifth and top level of the Negative Dimension is the plane of Identity, which represents multiple personifications, capable of being created by the thinker, as various contexts for interpretation. The sixth and lower level of the Metaphysical Dimension is called the plane of Emotion, which is said to be Natural Affection altered by Association, which possesses Consequence based on Evaluation of the thinker, through the contexts of interpretations through the Ego and the Identities.

6. The sixth and middle level of the Metaphysical Dimension is Determination and Destiny. Determination means the rules one uses to make decisions, as are created through Interpretation and Evaluation, through the contexts of the Ego and Identities. These rules determine one's future, as they determine how one interprets and evaluates any given situation and makes decisions. These rules are determined by experience in the Positive Dimension in relation to the physical body. This plane is said to possess the capacity, in conjunction with both the second and seventh planes, to change external reality as experienced by the physical body thus changing one's destiny.

7. The seventh and top level of the Metaphysical Dimension is the level of Incarnation. The seventh level represents the assumption of a second context for Interpretation and Evaluation which represents Extended Existence, which inhabits the Cognizance of Being, as continuing living existence, as both before and after any given present Embodiment of the Condition of Being.

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