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From the perspective of the Cognizance Theory various relationships of the Ego and Identity are possible, which would affect the psychology, behavior, beliefs or experience of the individual. These relationships are perhaps too numerous and complicated for this brief discussion but some cursory discussion may illustrate the idea.

The Thinking-I interprets reality from the perspective of the Ego and the Identity or both simultaneously. This means in general, interpretation through the Ego is sensory conviction and belief, sensual or emotional involvement and physical attachment. The Ego is naturally Conservative, in touch with the truth of reality. The Ego tells the Thinking-I it cannot jump the fence because it has not been able to do so in the past. In general the interpretation through the Identity is intellectual and represents freedom, possibility, imagination, progression, objective based desires and fantasies. The Identity is naturally Progressive. The Identity tells the Thinking-I it may jump the fence because it describes itself as very athletic and adventurous.

The Ego and the Identity would have degrees of strengths relative to each other, which would mean that one might be preponderant over the other. For instance when the Ego is preponderant the individual might be more physically oriented and intellectually superficial, such as sports fashion and social interaction, if successful at it. When the Identity is preponderant the individual might be more intellectually oriented, such as concerned with identity, status name, position or education, and less with physical attributes like hunting skill. When the Identity is preponderant, like with the identification of occupation, the Ego must be conformed to it, to believe and become confident in it, such as the individual becomes competent and confident in the ability to sell real estate over time. When the Ego is preponderant the Identity should be conformed to the confidence, in what is usually some physical skill and experience, that is more grounded in reality, such as good personality skills, as the individual became a real estate sales person.

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