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In the last US presidential campaign the Bush candidate claimed to be a 'Compassionate conservative'. It was apparent then, as it is now a certified fact, that the man and his minions neither understands the definition of compassion or conservative, unless as told by his actions, he has shown a definite compassion for the rich, the corporations, and the military industrial complex. In truth the term 'compassionate conservative' by its common definition is an oxymoron. The fundamental operating philosophy and psychology of developed human culture is Progressive Materialism. In the most fundamental sense, by the mandates of Progressive Materialism, any given pre-existent state may be replaced by what is deemed a superior quality or condition as the wooded glen is chopped and replaced with a vinyard, or the facist regime is replaced with a democracy and vice-versa. The very object and meaning of human living, for both the religious and secuar Progressive Materialist, is the advancement of both the individual and social organizations, to superior, advanced and elite development. This progressive elitism is the superman, rich or star, God's chosen people, the Godly, the civilized nation, high culture or white man's burden. Thus there cannot be a great deal of Compassion for states replaced or used for this advancement.

One dictionary definition of the term Compassion is 'a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.' The term 'deep awareness' and the ability of an affinity for the objects of such awareness, would seem to be the key to the concept. The question is just how deep can the awareness of 'the superior individual' be? The means of the evaluation of Consequence for the Progressive Materialist, is termed the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Consequence is measured as some degree between bottom and top. For those on the bottom, Compassion may come easier, since in being closer to the unforunate it is easier to relate. If one watches who it is that gives to the street beggar one might find that the ones that can least afford to give - give the most, and those who can most afford - give the least. It is necesssarily not easy for anyone to relate to the beggar, unless they themselves finds themselves in such a situation. If the charity of others, means whether one will spend the night hungry, one comes to understand the meaning of what it is like for those who are begging. Compassion is as the saying goes 'walking in another's shoes'. Compassion is understanding the circumstance and dynamics of others, along with the premise, 'but for the grace of God there go I'.

By the fundamental principle of progressive development, the Materialist would not have much Compassion or empathy for that which is inferior and that which must be necessarily removed to make way for the new, improved, superior and elite models. Nor would they have much Compassion for the 'evil ones'. Inferiority and evil is generally to be dredded, shunned, destroyed, avoided, replaced or converted. It is not to be sympathized or empathized with.

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