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C O N S E R V A T I V E ... P A R A D I G M

The Conservative and Progressive Paradigms are said to be the two fundamental methodologys, cognitive frameworks and cultural consciousness like East and West, underlied by the natural world called the Given Existence and human created conditions called Qualified States.

Nature is said to be Conservative, which means all change, transformation and destruction leaves conditions conducive to regeneration and continuation in a same or similar form. Conservative culture is called Indigenous. The economic system of Indigenous people is Necessity & Subsistence absent Excess & Profit.

Modern day Excess & Profit will destroy the ecologically viable planet and big corporate capitalists are as bright as black-holes, caring for nothing but themselves. Modern Conservatism and all so-called Conservatives, are rather progressives believing in the never ending accumulation of more and more progressively aquired wealth, what it be. Black-holes. Modern day real Conservatives would live modest lives individually and family wise. The necessity of financial power in the defence against Capitalist good intended evil would be held by the collective as Socialist institutions.

Whereas the other-dimensionality of the Progressive Paradigm is Religion, the spirituality of the Conservative Paradigm is Polytheism, and the natural world is considered a spiritual state, which thus disallows or hampers extremely the exploitation of nature for Excess & Profit. And thus in-turn, Conservative Polytheism is disallowed and stamped-out in the modern world. Because Monotheistic, Religion is of another dimension, this the physical world is of no Consequence and thus exploitation matters not.

Polytheism also called Proto-Religion, would have it that the natural world is populated with other-dimensional spirits and thus the individual may have a personal relationship with one, more or many. The surroundings and ambiance of which one lives in this manner is considered intelligent, emotional, communicative, and other sentient attributes depending on the temperament of the individual and local cultural beliefs.

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