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Rather than living in a dead, mechanical, machine-gear world as industrial Monotheism, the Indigenous live in an ambiance in which all of living matter is respected and revered and other-dimensionality is recognized and engaged as well.

Both Monotheism and Progressive Materialism as a matter of the integrated and integral goal/objective requiring resource, necessitates Consequential Negation, relegating all natural reality to material resource for Excess & Profit, wherein Monotheism has removed spirituality off the planet, and Progressive Materialism must abide in that or be atheist, both of which are adoptive of Morality, as a dyadic good/evil - perfection-to-abasement - evaluative scale, to determine what lives and what dies called the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

Polytheism, Proto-religion or Conservative Spirituality of the Indigenous, consider all of the natural nature-reality to possess Consequential Integrity, or a Consequence of Being such that, transformation or destruction of the natural Given Existence for alternative states or circumstances is prohibited or limited. Rather than Morality as the evaluative system for human thought and behavior, the Conservative comportment is called Ethics.

Ethics emphasizes Prohibitions as opposed to Volition. Ethics is related to the MetaProperties Whole and All, whereas Morality is related to the MetaProperties the Part and One.

Ethics is associated with Conservative as the preservation of an existent entity in exact or life form as exemplified by the Whole, and Morality is associated with Progressive as concerning change of the existent entity as exemplified by the Part and the objective.

Ethics is responsibility as the best interests of the Whole to each of the Parts, and the Parts responsible to the best interests and integrity of the Whole as what is correct and right for the Delineated Entity. A Whole is defined as producing products internal to itself, defined as the ambiance, atmosphere, environs, milieu and climate within the boundaries of the Whole.

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