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The MetaProperties Whole and the All would be said to correspond to the evaluative system of Optimum Correspondence. The Whole such as a household, city state, an automobile, baseball team or a bakery, would be fixed entities and thus possess optimum conditions of existence like a leak-proof roof, a large enough tax base, good gas mileage, a winning team and proper heating ovens. The All as any number of Wholes or a collection of individual Parts, of which each would individually possess optimum functional conditions.

In terms of human Psychology when the Part exculpates itself from the whole it dissolves Ethics as the integrity of the internality of the Whole, in the consideration that itself is greater, or the elite as compared to the common riff-raff, and thus a new evaluative system becomes necessary. When the natural world is to be ravaged for Excess & Profit, the evaluative Consequence of the natural world must be reduced to zero or resource, as Materialism compared to Spirituality. And thus an evaluative system must be created which allows the wanton destruction of nature and exploitation of human resources as well, but which maintains law and order so as to avoid complete anarchy called Morality, based on the evaluative system of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Do as I say and not as I do is the moral imperative of the modern day Morality.

The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative of Progressive Materialism assesses Consequence by subtraction from the exclusive elite and by adding from the reducive commons. The Part would be at the exclusive end while the Whole is at the bottom as-of least Consequence. The MetaProperty One would be at the top and the MetaP All would be at the bottom. Monotheism, Monarchy as a Part of the Whole is on top as singular ruler or One.

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