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The evaluative systems have a direct bearing upon the emotions or the Sensory Response System. For instance the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative dictates love and hate and all the degrees between. This is called Emotion, as the sensory response mechanisms of the Progressive Paradigm. One is to love God and hate a witch.

Emotion is the selection of Association that contains Consequence, which is determined by the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as the difference between the dog that nobody knew and one's own dog dying. Whereas the sensory response system of the Conservative Paradigm is called Natural Affection, which is the registration of natural and direct impressionistic affects upon the sensory apparatus without associational exaggeration. Essentially it would mean sensory appreciation without value judgments as the difference between the bad dog died and the good dog died.

Condition as optimum or some degree more or less, would affect the associational sensory response. However where the Condition is inherent as structural content, there is no blame. A cloudy cold-day is cloudy cold-day and a scheduled picnic may be just bad luck. Natural Affection would be to take the day for whatever it is and not overlay negative associational attributes.

Everyone operates by the system of Optimum Correspondence as innate to the human condition. The average normal temperature of the human is 98.6 degrees F. It might be called horizontal evaluation without tiered calclative high and low, and would be the evaluative system of the Ego, which is the defined as the selector of Association, specifically as that which pertains to and affects the body. Since the Ego is the protector and defender of the body, it is well that it should register reality in as accurate manner as possible, without the wild exaggeration of emotion and the subjective prejudices of value judgment.

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