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Natural Affection is the realm of the Ego, and Emotion the sphere of the Identities, this latter a selector of Association primarily in the context of objectives. The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is the evaluative system of Progressive Materialism, and might be called Vertical Evaluation because it assesses value from low to high and vice versa.

Objectives are for the purpose of maintaining the same or for creating difference. Objectives as maintaining the same would be called Conservative and be more or less the province of the Ego. Objectives creating difference is more or less the pursuit of the Identities, which are personifications that pursue objectives. Since the Ego is primarily Conservative which preserves the same, Identities are created distinct from the Ego in order to create distinction and difference, such as personifications like artists, entrepreneurs, designers or bomb designers.

While the Ego is a single character embodiment, the sensory appreciation as Natural Affection is fairly limited to the evaluative Consequence of that bodily characterization such as humble man and modest woman or everyday mom and pop. What is called the Equipolent Emotional Dynamic is sensory response based upon the actual sensory condition and Correspondent Association, meaning Association that matches facts on the ground as opposed to Disconjunctive Association, which does not represent a true and accurate depiction like see a shadow and think a ghost, or hear the word Russian and think better dead than red. Because the Ego is responsible for the safety of the body, it must be accurate in its assessment of actual experience.

On the other hand the creation of Identities complicates the matter, in that any given individual will have give-or-take, a half dozen personifications, and to the extent that these characterizations have different Consequential value content, varying emotional character exhibits may be demonstrated with the undertaking of each objective.

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