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Mild mannered Joe became Captain Bligh when piloting his sail boat. Susanna could not control her anger when someone called her Sue.

There are two forms of Logic as Inductive and Deductive logic. Inductive reasons from particular to general or from evidence to conclusion, thus by observation ones learns the nature of the river. This form of logic is called here Foundation Reasoning. Inductive Logic means to reason from the general to particular or from conclusion to evidence, or from authority to conclusion. This form of logic is called here Authority Reasoning.

The reasoning process of the Conservative Paradigm is of Symbolic Logic as pre-Excess & Profit, and Foundation Reasoning as post. The pre-Excess & Profit natural world possesses an integrity of existence possessed of existent and extant terrestrial spirits practiced as Conservative Spirituality. The type of reasoning here as most prevalent is called Symbolic Logic, which is the communicative language with other dimensional being called Semiotic Language.

Without technology Indigenous people must rely on good luck, and assistance in this direction would be support from spiritual sources, as well as to a degree a communicative relationship with plant and animal life. The fundamental premise of Symbolic Logic is that physical reality outside the human sensory system is alive, intelligent and capable of communication. Semiotic Language is the communication of some spiritual form manifested as nonverbal signs, events, circumstances as symbolic communication. Symbolic Logic is based on perception of the reality of the world in terms of Symbols. The primary premise is that Symbolic Logic is communication and that all facets of reality can be language. The flying bird may have meaning either as color, direction or synchronistic with thought or word.

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