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Post Excess & Profit and the introduction of Progressive Materialism, a more modern Conservative ethic still remains of which is associated with the MetaProperties Whole, the All as well as Socialism and Democracy. This logic would be called Foundation Reasoning wherein conclusions are derived from foundations as empirical facts, evidence and grounds of which premises are derived. Foundation Reasoning is based on verifiability by observation or experience, and necessitates first hand participation, or is proof as that anyone can duplicate.

For instance Socialism must be honest, for if it is not it is Fascism, where individuals use the government for their own benefit to the detriment of the Whole, All or everybody, as the military industrial corporations are to the USA. Thus the socialistic Whole must operate by Foundation Reasoning. And where politics is honest rather than corrupt there is the possibility of Democracy, for the very nature of dishonest government is fascist. Foundation Reasoning would be associated with the Ego, as again the Ego must be reasonable and the logic must be sound in order to protect the body from harm.

When people would have their own way without the benefit of Foundation Reasoning as facts, evidence, demonstration or substantiation, they substitute authority called here Authority Reasoning. Simple authority defines reason as God, of which no aspect is provable. Authority Reasoning is associated with Progressive Materialism and would come into its essence after the introduction of Excess & Profit, wherein eventually the few will use Authority Reasoning to lord it over the many, and is associated with Monotheism, Monarchy, Monoculture and Fascism.

The authority is the One as opposed to the All. The authority usually takes its credibility from perfection, as God is the perfect One, and the monarch is the representative of God. Monoculture accepts these singular authorities as the template of culture.

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