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Or home-maker and secretary, four completely different interpretive contexts by the same person, while engaged in these and other Identity activities perhaps daily. Perhaps a Monotheistic single God is a substitute for the singular Ego, which attempts to modify and control the various Identities as a unifier, for instance warrior and church goer.

It could be said the Progressive Materialist has no body, or at least it is denied any legitimate existence by virtue of Consequential Negation of all things material and thus of no validity. Dust to Dust. And so the Ego is defined as egotistical, greedy, narcissistic, self-centered, mercenary, self-indulgent, self-interested and self-seeking.

The Monotheists would have the Ego replaced by Ipseities, which are the same as Identities except the objectives are other-dimensional, and the personifications are of more perfect persons than the run of the mill. The catholic saints would be such character identification Ipseities and Jesus a perennial. However the women have but one personification or Mary mother of Jesus, is pretty much it in a Patriarchal system and society.

Women are not so keen on Identities and prefer to keep their Egos, with exceptions of course routine in all manner of subject matter. So historically the trashing of the Ego is the thrashing of women and female prerogatives. It is so lower middle class and monotheistic, or is that one and the same ? Thus women in general it could be said, are inclined to the Conservative Paradigm, which as the Whole, All, Socialism and Democracy must be kept down, by the ruling classes of the Patriarchal Progressive Paradigm, as the Part, One, Capitalism and Fascism, preferred the Progressive Paradigm.

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