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A fundamental aspect of the theory of the Utopian or Symbolic Consciousness, is the distinction between the terms Conservative and Progressive, that are ordinarily understood to be opposites. The original definition of the term Conservative is from the Old French, as 'con' meaning against, plus guard as to guard against. In this sense the term Conservative must be construed to mean to guard and preserve the original state in its original form. The definition of the term Conservative in terms of the Utopian identity, is distinct from what it is defined as the conventional context of the prevalent usage, in the context of what is the paradigm of the day, or what is termed Progressive Materialism. A clear understanding of the definitions of Conservative and Progressive are important in terms of understanding exactly what the principles upon which the various political spectrums are based, which is fundamental to an informed working of democracy or the building of any political system; or failing that, a simple matter of personal pride in one's intellectual honesty and character. (For further discussion see Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy)

The term Conservative as defined here, means that a pre-existent state is of greater value and consequence than human created alternatives, that would replace it. Pre-existent states are qualities & conditions that pre-exist or proceed change, as transformation or destruction, or as any given pre-existent or present condition. Thus the esthetics of the off-shore ocean view might be greater than the value of the oil and the derricks that would spoil the vista. The term Progressive as defined here means that a changed state may be considered to be of greater value and consequence than the pre-existent state it replaces. Thus the value of the oil would be considered greater than the esthetics of the ocean view.

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