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Consequence is what makes life real.
Without Consequence, life would be merely a dream.

The Theory of Any Age Authority posits the concept of two basic authorities for human activity, behavior and conduct, based upon two opposed interpretations of Consequence. Consequence determines the entire physiology, perspective and Consciousness of the individual. What is considered to be of Consequence determines every action and things like one's values, what can and is transformed, destroyed, used for material resource or exploited. It determines who lives and who or what dies, how the individual utilizes one's time and even determines the emotional make-up of the individual. Consequence is the authority for all human existence. Authority means the specific definition of what is of Consequence and what is not, that determines the the reasons, purposes and motivations for human activity, behavior and conduct, and that can derive from either the reality of any given present circumstance or from conception. (Subtopics: Authority, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Authority, Consequence of Being)

The authority for human activity and behavior, as what is or what is not of Consequence, is complicated by the Absent Comparative, wherein there is no known comparable planetary existence, in which to assess the Consequence of this natural world by comparison. One could say that if this planet is the only like existence, then it is very rare and precious and thus of considerable value. On the other hand if it is one of millions, its Consequence may not be of such importance. A solution to the problem of comparison can be said to begin with the definition of change, looked at as three elements, or pre-existent states proceeding change, the activity and behavior of change, and changed states as the result and products of change. (Subtopic: Comparative Determinant)