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The natural world of the Given Existence is defined as Conservative. This means that all natural change affects pre-existent states changed, such that the original condition is not fundamentally changed, but will return to a near identical condition by the processes of regeneration and renewal over time. In this way after a forest fire, the forest will return to a near like condition as before the fire. If nature is Conservative, humankind possesses a propensity to progressivity. Progressive means that progressed states are created to replace inferior ones. Inferior states are generally considered to be anything primitive and undeveloped or less advanced. Thus the forest can be destroyed to create farms. If this forest will never return because of desertification, it considered not to matter. The benefits of the present farms outweigh any long term considerations. If a nuclear accident were to contaminate a very large area such as in the case of Chernobyl, causing untold and unknown damage to the environment, this apparently does not matter since they continue to create and use ever more nuclear materials.

Inherent in the paradigm of Progressive Materialism is a duality, wherein what is natural is considered to have no inherent consequence in and of itself, because it is thought to have no meaning, and because it is needed for material resource to produce the other side of the dualism, or what is of consequence, as human created, developed, improved and superior states. What gives meaning in the materialist system is explained by the concept of Finite Determination, as the creation and accumulation of intellectual and material assets that gives meaning to the activity of living. From this duality, as the absence and creation of consequence, occurs the condition of the concept of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, which is a scale of value that is a means in which to evaluate what is of consequence and what is not, or what can be exploited as material resource and labor, and what cannot. From this comparative scale and its dualism, of two opposed negative and positive poles, termed the Antithetical Matrix and the secular Metaphysical Ideal or religious Extra Mundane Authority, a dichotomy is apparent that produces what is misinterpreted to be a Conservative and Progressive dualism, but which in is reality a Pseudo-conservative and Liberal antagonism.

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