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So that the value of money to the child, who is sheltered by parents, is more than likely something all together different, than for the old man who may have no income security, and then again something completely irrelevant in the animal world. Because of the various levels and differences of human perspective, commonalties of agreement are difficult if not impossible. The Conservative commonalty, standard and authority of human evaluation is the natural world. This standard is the economic condition of nature, or what is termed the Necessity and Subsistence of Natural Law. Every living entity consumes only what is necessary to its existence without Excess and Profit. By this measure, what an entity needs for existence, is dictated by the construct and structure of the entities physical and bodily natural condition and constitution. The constitution accords to the construction of the environment. The entity is dependent upon the environment, and the environment as a makeup of inanimate and animate species, is dependent on the entity. In this sense they the are same single thing, as the living heart cannot function without a body and vice versa.

From the human perspective, what is needed is inherent in the given condition of the human body. This need, as it is today, can be considered as extreme, or to include cars, airplanes, cities or ocean liners. Thus human conduct that supports this need is promoted and condoned. From the Conservative perspective, the means for determining human conduct and deportment, as what humans can and cannot do in reference to nature in general, is established on what is apparent for all the non-human planetary existence. This is a Lifestyle Aesthetic based on Necessity and Subsistence, the primary concern being to impact the environment as little as possible.

The consequence of the whole or the part, is established by the individual or by what they think it is and how they act toward it. To establish the consequence of any single entity, it is necessary to establish the consequence of the whole. The consequence of the whole can be established as the container of the singular, without which the particular could not exist.

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