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The consequence of any given single entity is considered to be equivalent to the proper construct and working of the whole of existence. The proper working of the Given Existence is the condition of Necessity and Subsistence. If the consequence of any given single natural entity is of equal consequence to whatever the consequence of the whole would be, then the worth of the individual would be established by the ascertainment of the consequence of the whole. The consequence of the whole is whatever the individual believes or is able to realize it to be. If the individual is of equal consequence to all the rest of existence, then the higher the value one gives oneself, the higher the value for everything else and vice versa. The higher the regard and respect for everything else that is natural, the less must be the desire for Excess and Profit, that requires endless amounts of natural materials. This attitude of respect, reverence, self-sacrifice and effacement is called spirituality, and termed Conservative Spirituality. However in all of this, if the consequence of the whole were established for a certainty, then this knowledge would result in the absence or limitation of Free Will, since one would be almost required to act in accordance with that knowledge. An aspect of spirituality could be said to be this absence of certain knowledge, the freedom of will, the search for true nature of spirituality, and the self-decided conviction and responsibility to live accordingly.

A means by which the individual may search for the truth and establish one's own consequence, is through a means of communication with a spiritual source termed Semiotic Language. The general reality as the everyday happenstance of ordinary circumstance, such as which way the wind blows, the bird flies or the stone lands, is believed to be capable of communication. Semiotic Language is the interpretation of what are called signs or symbols. Thus what may pass, and is usually interpreted as automatic, mechanical, random events, may be interpreted as intelligent communication, from some spiritual source that is by definition non-verbal communication. The context as the means by which Semiotic Language is interpreted is termed Symbolic Logic.

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