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The upper comparative measure may be the local banker, cleric or mayor. The propensity to evaluate from the bottom accords to the lower social classes who have less education, less or little money, little or no property, live very modest living standards and work with their hands, or in general live closer to the natural conditions of the planet like farmers.

The Liberal is defined as an emphasis more on the reality of conditions as opposed to ideals. Some members of the wealthy classes, especially those who live by the income of capital, can be fairly devoid of the consciousness of the everyday world and how anything gets done. Liberals may believe in the progressive betterment and improvement of human life and living conditions as a whole. Liberals as Humanists and Socialists, are more sympathetic to the lower social classes and many work tirelessly for their betterment. They also may believe in personal progression and they may want, desire and attempt to achieve the same Metaphysical Ideals as the Pseudo-conservatives, of which with success, they may become themselves later in life.


By the definitions in the common vernacular as a generality, it can be said that Pseudo-conservatives are antagonistic to Liberals, who call themselves Progressives. And Liberals are antagonistic to Conservatives, who are in actuality also Progressive. The antagonism between the Pseudo-conservative and Liberal springs fundamentally from the difference between the Additory Base as the Antithetical Matrix, and the Subtractive Base, or Metaphysical Ideal and Extra Mundane Authority. The Pseudo-conservative identifies with the elite and thus has the propensity to assess value more by subtracting from the top than from adding from below. The Subtractive Base of the Pseudo-conservative, is anything developed, refined, improved, and tending toward the best and perfection. It tends to an ever more narrow reference toward the top, best and most elite is reached, that is singular, finite, specific and is represented by the peak of the pyramid in the illustration that follows. In terms of human behavior and conduct, elite standards are embodied in very narrow and specific qualifications that dictate conduct, behavior, thought, word and deed.

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