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These standards are considered as so superior, enlightened, intelligent, good and moral that all persons may be expected to embrace them, whether that is possible or not. These expectations, to the extent that they are demanded to be conformed too, are authoritarian. This embodiment tends to take the form of the exceptional, the super hero and heroine, that represent authority figures such as King and Queen, the officer and general, the senator and president, award winners of every kind, and super heroes as those who have achieved or inherited what are said to be superior traits and status.


For the Pseudo-conservative the Additory Base is not the Antithetical Matrix or the bottom of the pyramid, but what is termed a Relative Standing, as represented by the line part of the way up in the illustration. This line can be anywhere, or high and low on the pryamid scale, and represents the individual's base from which to add or subtract. Thus an example of this form of evaluation would be, that the line part way up the pryamid, in this case in terms of social class, would be that the individual would add from the middle or lower upper middle class, as opposed to the lower classes. The Subtractive Base would be the ruling class. The banker may evaluate oneself as of greater standing than the dentist, but of lesser standing than the patrician.

The Liberal has the propensity to identify with the natural, common, ordinary or lower social classes, and thus the propensity is to assess value and consequence more from adding from the bottom than by subtracting from above. The Additory Base of the Liberal is a certain sympathy and identification with the downtrodden, an understanding of the problems involved with poverty, lack of health care, labor relations, fair wages and benefits, or inadequate housing, education, environmentalism or animal rights.

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