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This Additory base as more toward or the bottom, can include the natural, undeveloped, primitive, unrefined, or what is said to be inferior. The Additory Base of the pyramid analogy is broad, encompassing the average, general, common and ordinary, as opposed to a specialized and specific elite. This can include the whole natural world, the common humankind, or anything mundane. By the same token, the Subtractive Base is not necessarily the top of the pyramid, that is out of reach for the vast majority by its very definition, but part way up as shown by the line in the illustration. Thus the Subtractive Base at the top is also broader than the for the elite.

The differences in the Subtractive and Additory Bases may be shown to affect the personal, physiological, political, social philosophies of the Progressive Materialist. Because the top of the Subtractive Base illustrated by the peak of the pyramid is narrow, specific and definitive, Pseudo-conservatism is described as a propensity to Elitism, Right Wing values and ideology, and Authoritarianism. The narrow Additory Base tends toward limited experience, distance and understanding, concerning all that is further down, such as the lower classes. This distance may lend itself to intolerance. Conversely the Additory Base is broader than the Subtractive Base. The Progressive tends to assess value from an Additory Base that is broad, and further down on the pyramid scale. A broader base means a more diverse and complicated set of social conditions. The broader Additory Base of the Liberal tends to promote political philosophies of the Left Wing and Socialist government.

A broader Subtractive Base would mean a greater variety of possible Metaphysical Ideals that might include trades, collecting, tough guys, craftsmen, artists, scientists, teachers, preachers, carpenters, athletes, race drivers, mechanics or hobbyists of every sort. The social and political tendencies would be a bit more democratic. Examples might be more modest hierarchies of institutions such as local government, small business, local charity, fraternal organizations, libraries, hospitals, child care centers, museums, parks, coffee houses, taverns and restaurants or church, school and educational or youth organizations. Personal ideals might include advancement in these organizations.

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