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Some further propensities of the Pseudo-conservative and Liberal dichotomy, as aspects of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, can be further explained in the categories of Logic and Emotion. In the area of logic and reasoning, Pseudo-conservatives tend to reason from Authority. The authority is toward or the top of the pyramid as perfection, the ideal, development etc. Conclusion should support authority and thus may proceed premises. Facts and evidence may be consciously or unconsciously manipulated so as to support authority. This authority to which the Pseudo-conservative personality identifies, such as ideal and principle, can be removed from reality, since often authorities like gods or abstract principles, like free trade or prohibitions on birth control, may have no relation to the real world. Liberals on the other hand would have a tendency to reason by the process of what is termed Foundation Reasoning. In this case conclusions are derived from premises, evidence and facts. This may accord to the fact that the Liberal tends to identify with the bottom of the scale and uses the broader Additory and Subtractive Bases. Abstract authority may be oblivious to the real empirical world. Free trade without regulation may put financial hardships on small economic enterprises, while absolute prohibitions on birth control may be completely unrealistic and especially put undue financial and other burdens upon poor people.

Another difference between the Pseudo-conservative and the Liberal is the emotional make-up. The emotional make-up of the Progressive Materialist in general, is said here to be based upon what is of consequence and what is not, and to what degree. For instance the average person may become emotionally upset over the loss in war, of one's own nations war dead, but feel utterly no remorse for the loss of the enemy. Thus the individual's emotional reactions are based upon what is important and of consequence to them. Since the emotional make-up is based upon consequential value, and the progressive materialist value system is bipolar, the emotional system also reflects this polarity in the love/hate dichotomy.

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