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In general the Pseudo-conservative will tend to get emotional concerning that which relates to abstracts like elite ideals, principles, standards or cannons, as opposed to the problems of commonality. Whereas the Liberal will have a tendency to get emotional about more realistic things like war, poverty or injustice.

Pseudo-conservatives tend to be capitalists while Liberals tend towards Socialism. Since wealth and property is convenient to elite status, capitalism is the means by which this is accomplished. On the other hand government is usually the only means by which the problems of the poor and the general welfare of the majority can be addressed.


The true definition of the term Conservative is outside the purview of the consciousness of Progressive Materialism. The emphasis of this perspective is that the natural world, is in and of itself of such consequence, that it should be interfered with as little as possible, and should be held in great regard and reverence. True Conservatives are those indigenous people who are considered as primitive and non-progressive, and who engage in little or no technological development, like some religious organizations such as monk-hoods, or for instance the Amish. Much of history, it could also be said, has been a war waged against Conservatives by Progressives, wherein by the progressive appetite for ever more material assets, and with ever increasing populations, has been a drive to acquire the land and resources of the Conservative, and to use these people as slave labor, by force or by minimal wages. Historically Progressives have won of course, hands down, because they accumulate the wealth to create technology and buy power, and have no truly ethical standards.

If a pivotal premise of Progressive Materialism, is that anything material has no intrinsic consequence in and of itself, but needs some changed condition, such as utility or God's grace, to achieve a validity of being, the central premise of Conservatism is that everything natural possesses inherent consequence in and of itself, and does not need changed or conditional states of being or conduct to obtain validity.

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