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The proof for this validity is indicated by the Conservative condition itself, wherein most natural planetary change, produces altered qualities and conditions that are conducive to the continuation, in near like form, of the pre-existent states changed. The materialist position is that the universe is evolutionary, beginning with the 'Big Bang', and thus it is progressive and ever improving itself. This is a fanciful theory, but does not account for the continuous collapse and reformation of stars and galaxies that explode or collide, but do not reconstitute themselves in some improved state, but rather regenerate into near like forms.

The means of establishing value and consequence in a universe that is considered as fundamentally, in a continually changing state, to preserve a singular prototypical state and condition, means that if using the natural universe as the authority for the true and authentic archetype, the universal consequence is already what it is. Everything natural that is created out of this condition is an integral part of it, and as such is an aspect of the entire whole. The consequence of any single entity is equivalent to the whole as described by the concept of the Equivalency Principle. Thus to establish the value of any given single entity it would be necessary to establish the value of the entire whole. Conversely the value or the whole, should be equivalent to any of its parts.

If everything natural is of equal consequence, then conditional value judgment is irrelevant. Consequence is determined by and is relative to circumstance as natural or human created changes. The condition of things as exists, establishes what is changed. Water runs down hill. There is no volition or premeditation and thus it is value neutral. Consequential value is relative to entities with the ability to distinguish between various sensory differences and the ability to act on the evaluation. From the Conservative point of view, the value and consequence of either the whole or any given individual entity, is relative to the perspective of the perceptive entity.

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