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It is ironic that the American democratic system has represented itself as a model for democracy around the world and holds itself up as just such an example. But actually this model is something of a sham as perpetuated by Corporate Capitalism. America is a Capitalist Democracy. This means that money is the agent of all social and political relations. In terms of the social equality of human relations, nearly all volitional abilities, as what the individual is actually capable of is based on money, rank and status that money, property and possession provides.

In political terms America is more of a democratic oligarchy than a democracy of the people. This means that the most wealthy segments of the society, including not only individuals and families but business and corporations, control much of the government legislation by political funds and favors, and even elements of the government itself, by the infiltration of ranking positions revolving with private posts. This is because the powerful do not really believe in political democracy. They believe that government should promote what is good for them, because what is good for them is good for everyone, and thus it is only right that they should have their own way for the good of the whole. If the system of democratic representation were truly democratic then the capitalists could not control it through the use of money.

The method used to finance political candidates in the United States is a capitalist form of financing as opposed to socialist. Literally anybody can run for political office if they can afford it. The financing of political candidates is by the individual ability of the candidate to raise money. The individual can use personal funds or collect contributions from a constituency of individuals and organizations, businesses and corporations or a political party.

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