Enlightenment is a sensory state of enhanced or more complete perception, by the individual in any given present circumstance. It does not need intellectual specialization or superior attributes of any type. It does not require information such as is found on this web page. Enlightenment in and of itself, does not necessarily give the individual knowledge of the world, and especially human created states and the complications which derive thereof, such as power, wealth, politics or art. Enlightenment theoretically may be achieved by anyone, and does not necessarily require prerequisites such as education, special knowledge or religion. However training offered by various groups in the vein of Zen Buddhism may be helpful if not required.

To achieve a state of Enlightenment requires the practice of the absence of mind, which in actuality means the absence of the use of the Negative Dimension which is the memory, as thinking termed Present-time Intellection. Enlightenment usually requires a specific type of breathing and the absence of thinking or blank mind. This in itself is the difficulty of achieving the state of Enlightenment. Mental activity as thinking is a distraction to the complete sensory experience of present reality. When one nears the state of enlightenment, thinking becomes an obnoxious racket in the head, like a voice over a megaphone which never shuts up. The state of Enlightenment is so beatific that thinking and what is necessary for it, becomes completely superfluous, unnecessary and undesirable.

The state of Enlightenment can come suddenly without much training or may require years of practice. The state once achieved may last only a few seconds or any period of time longer, which may become an object in itself. The actual state is not really describable because the experience may be more than sensory, or one single unified reality in which there is nothing outside itself to act as comparative attributes, wherein one could say it is like this or like that.

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