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The question concerned with here is the posit of an independent property or entity which is called Evil, that is something separate from the human ability and capacity to create it. The conclusion reached from this quarter is that there is no such thing as the existence of Evil, independent of the capacity of the volition to utilize, exploit and cause injury or suffering to other sentient creatures, for the purpose of the unnecessary benefit of some, at the expense of others, termed Excess and Profit.

It is premised here that there is no such thing as the existence of Evil, as a real property which infects and affects chaste or non-evil substance or spirit, but rather it is a human creation, concept and form of consciousness. Evil is considered as a concept of human origin. People often consider Evil as those occurrences of the many negative aspects in the reality of human experience such as accidents, disease, misfortune, fire, flood or famine, that are independent of human action and making and that originate from what are called natural causes, and the natural processes of the cosmological and planetary existence produce violence and suffering that is perpetrated unsolicited upon sentient creatures.

Events which are random like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, such as camped in the wash, of a sudden flash flood, or the products of natural forces such as earthquakes, or explainable occurrence such as the problems that may ensue from getting between a mother bear and her cub may be considered Evil. The idea and concept of natural processes as having evil intent, producing the premeditated activity of 'violence and suffering, perpetrated unsolicited against any sentient creature is not considered as an accurate representation.

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