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Fundamentalism in a broad sense is the return to any original doctrine or principles, such as a strict interpretation of a political document like a constitution. In another vein, the regime of Pol Pot of Cambodia could be called fundamentalist. However for the most part, fundamentalism is usually associated with religion or religious fundamentalism, which generally means a return to the authorities of the religion as the original teachings, basic principles, theology, texts, creeds, or doctrines, and to follow these precepts more to the letter of their interpreted intent, rather than to continue in compromises with the secular world, which invariably take place over time. Fundamentalist religion may be instanced by such as the Salafi movement of Islam, or the Taliban of Afghanistan. Other examples are such as Christian Sects in the US like Fundamentalist Christians or the Amish.

Religion is distinguished from Spirituality, in terms of the theory of Any Age Authority, in that religion is classified as Materialist. Religious Materialism is defined as Progressive. This means that the source of what is considered as religious essence exists in another dimension of space and time independent of the experience of present reality. This concept as it is manifested in human affairs, is that the activity of human living as present existence, in terms of religious consciousness and practice, is defined as materialist or as material and resource for the future. Any element of the natural world is considered to have no inherent consequence in and of itself, and thus may be used for the Progressive advancement and accumulation of Excess and Profit. The entire modern world with all the wealth of its economic capacities, is the result of the concept of Progressive Materialism. In terms of religion, present earthly existence is material for the progressive achievement of divine personification.

The essence of what is considered to be Spirituality, is defined to be that any or all elements of the physical reality of the natural world, that also may include the human created world of Qualified States, is considered to contain Spiritual essence in the here and present now.