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Government is defined here as an archetype, of not what it may have historically been, or what it may be today in all its forms, but by definition based upon what purposes it is suppose to serve, and for whom it is suppose to serve it. Government is a centralized authority of any number of persons, in some manner manifested or selected from the community at large, the purposes of which are to act on the behalf of the larger community as a whole. Government is Socialist by its nature. Its operating assets are paid for and owned by the community at large. Its purposes are to serve the community as a whole, and its economic means is non-profit.

The inherent nature of government is Socialist. This means that a group of individuals in some manner is selected from the community, so as to operate an organization, the purpose of which is to regulate, standardize, and pool the resources of the community for the benefit whole. The pooling of collective resources is to be capable of doing what individuals and small groups cannot or will not do. This is to provide services for the convenience of all, such as water, power, waste disposal, streets and roads, police and military, courts, fire fighting, education, health services, libraries, parks or recreation, as a non-profit economic entity. Because individuals or small groups cannot afford to create and build things like roads, water systems, and rail systems, private police forces, schools and all the amenities of culture, the pooling of resources generally takes the form of taxes, which in theory should equate to an affordable and equitable fee for everyone.