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The theory of Any Age Authority attempts to show that there exists a fundamental dichotomy of the psychology of human Consciousness, or what are opposed interpretations of the human condition. These opposite and conflicting perspectives are termed Conservative Spirituality and Progressive Materialism. The fundamental difference between these two paradigms is the means of economic existence, or the distinction between Necessity and Subsistence and Excess and Profit.

Necessity and Subsistence in historical terms means hunter/gathering types of cultures that do not engage in such things as the accumulation of private property, the development of city or nation states, organized economic systems based on private property, the development of money, government, cooperative economic projects such as dams, roads bridges or irrigation projects. Excess and Profit means cultures that adopt the accumulation of private property over and above what is necessary to maintain a same or similar economic state or condition, and progressive development to include all the aforementioned cultivations.

A delimiting line is usually drawn between non-progressive, hunter/gatherer types of societies or what is referred to as primitive culture, and technologically developing or technologically proficient cultures, which have adopted Excess and Profit. However any given progressive culture and society is not a pure composition. Societies are a collection of individuals, some of which prefer to live more or less simple life styles with an emphasis upon family, friends, co-operation and social organizations with a relative degree of social equality. This is opposed to cultures that are stratified between the educated economically developed rich, in which individuals who prefer to engage in the pursuit of profit dominate the economic and political agencies, and the undeveloped poor or those who willfully do not engage in progressive pursuits. Progressive Materialism is considered here to be an individual propensity that is not universal to all humankind, to all cultures, to all societies, or all individuals within any particular social structure or organization. Non-progressive individuals are what are here termed Conservative.