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The Identity may become the Interpretive Context in which to interpret the world, such that the artist sees the world as design and color, whereas the store owner may see it as economics.


The (before) or Proto-identity is the perception and response to the world absent any specific and particular Identity as perspective and point of view. This may characterize individuals at a young age, before they have developed an identity that usually will be derived from local, social and cultural influence. At a later time in life, this may include a form of class or legal etiquette, in which one does not presume to know people and things before knowing them. The Proto-identity is individual awareness, as the sensory appreciation and response to the discernable world, absent response based on conditioning, indoctrination, inculcation or socialization, as associative response based upon the authority of others, which equates to presumptions, stereotypes, assumptions, such that reality becomes determined before it is experienced, and is not recognized if it does not adhere to preconditioned association. Another aspect of the Proto-identity may also include a purposeful adoption of a non specific Identity, for the purpose of utilizing what is termed the Symbolic Consciousness. This means that the individual would purposely absent themselves of specific, singular, finite and definitive definition and value, such that one can make any or all aspects of reality what they want, so they can extrapolate on it, as simulated experience of what others think, feel and learn Compassion.


In the ordinary world, the individual generally possesses an Identity passed on to them by their environment, as family, friends, religion, education and culture. The Identity Determinant derives from what is termed the Bipolar Divergence.