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Every individual is considered as of the same source, dynamic and essential composition, as an already pre-existent being all equal in that equality. In the progressive sense where objectives are necessary, it is recognized that different individuals are born with varying abilities to achieve ends, and will not be equal in these pursuits. Thus one is required to perform specific roles but does not necessarily identify and become attached to them. If one's non-physical self or identity is hidden from one, but nevertheless is so affected by physical existence, one may adopt identities and personalities like roles in theater.


Wherein with Progressive Materialism the emphasis is on Volition, derived from Consequence that gains its validity by correspondence to progressed ideals, the stress for the Conservative ethical identity is on prohibitions, which derives from the Inherent Consequence of everything natural. Thus while everything feeds upon the environment in order to survive, the ethical constraint is Necessity and Subsistence, which is mandated for all living things except the human species.

Humankind has a choice, and in this the distinction between Progressive Material Volitional and Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identities is established. Ethics are based on the Conservative system, wherein the integrity of already existing conditions trumps agendas that are outside and not intrinsic to it. The electrical power achieved from Windmills is of greater Consequence than the esthetics of a natural setting. Ethics is the acceptance of the truth of a situation as opposed to only accepting that reality which corresponds to how ideal authority mandates it should be.