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Ethics is the honor of integrity as opposed to the benefits that exploitation may grant. In modern society it is difficult to maintain Ethical standards, since nearly all institutional organizations are corrupted by the progressive mandates of Excess and Profit. However one has a right to live and if one lives as simply as possible one cannot be expected to change the predilections of the masses.


Emotion is defined as sensory response that is affected and defined by Consequential Value. Since much of Consequential Value is subjective and conditioned relative to social and cultural indoctrination, the Emotion of the Progressive Materialist may be manipulated by elitist agendas of the few against the many. Patriotism is an Emotion that may be exploited by the powerful to cause the weak to die for the private agendas of the rich. The Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity is characterized by what is termed the Equipollent Emotional Dynamic and Natural Affection. Consequential Values as what is of consequence tends to be real phenomenon, which is the dynamic of both natural and unnatural reality as it happens. The sensory response is more objective, since one's response is based on the reality of situation and circumstance, and not what the authority of standardized ideals as mandates should be, such as perhaps one should get all weepy at the playing of a national anthem. The Conceptual Emotional Dynamic, where reality is suppose to correspond to ideal, which equates most often to stereotypes, explains why ten witnesses to an event may have ten different interpretations.

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