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This is the determination of the preference for value and Consequence as Conservative or Progressive or for pre-existent as compared to alternative states and conditions, which reflects the Authority for human activity and behavior.

It is from this determination that the individual interprets the world. The Identity Determinant is Conservative Spiritual or Progressive Material. In general, Spirituality is considered as Conservative, or as Spirit inherent in the natural physical world. Or Progressive Material, wherein the natural physical world is thought to be of no Consequence. All Consequence must be created. The resource is the natural physical world and to include all life itself.


The Resident Identity is the specific Identity adopted by the individual which includes all values, ambitions, judgments, responsibilities, objectives that the identity specifies, such as doctor, police, politician or clown. The Resident Identity can also be described as imposed by conditioning, wherein the individual takes on descriptive attributes as learned and conditioned from one's environment as family, education, friends, experiences, name, sex, age, worth, family, nationality, religion or occupation. The Resident Identity is how the individual defines the self. Relative to the theory presented here, the Resident Identity is described as two primary archetypes which derive from the Bipolar Divergence, as the Conservative Spiritual Ethical and Progressive Material Volitional Identities, in which the individual possesses a greater propensity for one or the other. The Identity is prone to the integrity of pre-existent states as Conservative or prefers alternatives to them called Progressive.


The Materialist Identity is Progressive, meaning it must be developed based on the accumulation of material attributes such as property, talent, money, fame, good works, power, privilege or superiority.