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The individual defines themselves by what they possess, like the fame and money of a rock or movie star, certificates of educational degrees, badges and rank of military honor or religious grace. Further, because the Identity is dependent upon material possessions that must be developed from natural physical resources such as wood, water, metal, oil or soil, all physical properties including living things are considered as mere material resource, which can and must be exploited.


The Spiritual Identity is Conservative, meaning what is of value and Consequence in general is the pre-existent state of any circumstance or condition, especially as the natural condition of the physical world, as opposed to alternatives that can be created to replace them. This integrity of the pre-existent natural world is derived from the conviction that the Given Existence is by its essential nature Spiritual. Individual Identity possesses inherent Consequence as an aspect and part of the innate Spirituality of the natural world. From the progression of the concepts, two identity types naturally derive as the Progressive Material Volitional and Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identities, of which each will be described in turn:


The Progressive Material Volitional Identity comes into being and accompanies the introduction of Excess and Profit, which produces the legitimacy that leads to the means, for individuals to accumulate more material assets than their neighbors. They often use this excess to manipulate others and gain ever more power and control. As they become more successful at accumulating wealth, they come to believe that they are so superior and elite in every way, that they should dictate every aspect of the life of their neighbors, which conveniently and perhaps unconsciously happens to be of benefit to themselves.