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Necessary to Progressive Materialism is Private Property, in which everything that is accumulated is protected by the force of law.


The Progressive culture paradigm is based at its core on the absence of inherent Consequence termed Consequential Negation, which is simply the desire to exploit both the material and human environment, which is only possible if it has no inherent Consequence, in order to increase one's possessions. The absence of consequence is in essence the absence of Excess and Profit. Because any natural entity does not make a profit, but only preserves itself, as the tree propagates no more than more trees, it is said to have no meaning, purpose or reason to exist. Excess and Profit means here the production of elements and states superior to former. Because the naturally existing world, as the known universe is considered without any inherent merit and value, including humans necessary for labor, a means is necessary to define and rate what worth is.


Value and Consequence are explained and defined by means of what is termed Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as what is usually a subconscious numerical standard of worth from zero to ten. Worth is added from the least or zero, which is what is undeveloped, natural, unrefined or primitive, and subtracts from what is of greatest worth or ten, which is what is most developed, refined, elite or superior, as the difference between an expensive brand new car and a horse drawn wagon, or the uneducated laborer and a highly educated millionaire. In human terms, those who are less developed or who have values that do not conform to what is considered progressive superior paragons may be exploited as labor.