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This leads to continuous wars for material aggrandizement, insures continuous criminal classes and produces a permanent class system based on wealth and pomp.


Untouchable Class as the lowest economic status acts unconsciously as the negative and inferior base from which to add human worth. Because the individual must rely on outside dependencies for work, money and substantiation, it is a dependent personality on essentially higher authority producing somewhat regimented hierarchal class ranking and stratifications. This in turn leads to mental instabilities of low self-esteem, crime, drug addictions, exploitation and a host of misery and suffering for those on the lower social, economic and political rungs. Even for the wealthy or any who buy into this system, there exists the lack of Consequential Integrity and insecurity which can only be rectified by Religion, as the grace of God, which is the only alternative, or the non-physical Progressive Ideal.


Because the essence of the progressive system is Consequential Negation, which means essentially that everything is material and resource, there is needed what equates to Excess and Profit, as something more than banal existence, and which gives reason, meaning and purpose to life. Religion is the extension of the progressive system beyond the material, wherein what is holy, divine or sacrosanct is actually what is opposite to the natural world, as perfection, purity, superiority, salvation and redemption and eternal living. Thus the profit of progressive development is grace, heaven, peace, harmony, love or eternal life, and gives meaning and purpose to earthly existence, conditioned on proper progression. Morality is the modifier of progressive destruction, wherein the regulation of prohibitions, as the protection of what is sacred and revered are defined in accordance with the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as regulated by degrees of correspondence to perfection, superiority and impeccability.